IMPORTANT NOTE: These games are no longer supported, and I won’t be able to help you with any issues you encounter. I recommend that you please wait for the release of RPGHub to play these games.

Note: These games will only work on OS X 10.6.8 and above. If you have an Intel processor and run anything lower than 10.6.8, you’ll need to upgrade. If you don’t have an Intel processor, it’s unfortunately impossible to run these games.

Please click the LANGUAGE and VERSION of the game you want to download. Clicking the name of the game will take you to the game’s official page.

RTP (Install this first!)

  • RPGOSX RTP Installer v5
  • RPGOSX RTP Updater v4-v5 (Smaller download)

RPG Maker XP Runtime (Allows you to run many RPG Maker XP games)


Non-RPG Maker/Wolf Games:

(Please don’t post direct links to these downloads; link to this page instead. I might change where I host the files sometime, and then the links would all break.)