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QuestionLogomancer converts fine but the resolution's too wide. the right side of the screen's nothing but black. It cuts off the text sometimes. not sure how to attach a screenshot if I can't insert links here. Answer

The resolution isn’t too wide, there’s just a bug with rendering. You need to disable OpenGL for RPG Maker XP+ games in the RPGHub menu and restart the game. I should add this to the FAQ.

I’m gonna be disabling anonymous asks, since it’s very difficult to keep track of bug reports from anons.

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QuestionI cannot seem to extract The Gray Garden it keeps showing a 'press any key to continue' box and then it closes Answer

Please submit a screenshot so I can see what the problem is.

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Questionhello, i just wonder why you took away all the games except yume nikki? (I know that you want us to use the other pogram but the old one still works for me.... :) Answer

(Well, it’s not Yume Nikki, but a fangame called Yume Nikki Gensou)

The reasons are:

  • RPGHub is more legal
  • There were many errors and issues with the old games that easily went undetected
  • The list of games became unmanageable and very time-consuming
QuestionAre we able to play RPG Maker 95 games? I'm trying to play Palette :( Answer

Unfortunately, RPG Maker 95 games don’t seem to work properly at all in Wine :c

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QuestionI can't get any rpgmaker xp games to work.. I don't know what I might be doing wrong, I've tried checking and unchecking use native binary, i've made sure to use the correct character sets, and i've tried checking and unchecking use opengl for xp+ games, but nothing's worked...when i go to open the games, they open, and the icon bobs a little bit in the dock, but then it just disappears. if it doesn't do that, it'll just show a black screen before giving me an empty error box message and closing Answer

I can’t quite tell what could be going wrong from this description alone. Can you please contact me non-anonymously so we can try to figure out what the problem is?

holyja Asked
Questionany plans for enabling RPG tkool games like corpse party rebuilt to be played on RPGhub? Answer

I think that one already works in RPGHub if you import it properly. Are you having issues with it?

pinkuboa Asked
Question(psst can I use RPG Maker 2003 as a program on RPGHub?) Answer

(you can play RPG Maker 2003 games, but you can’t actually run the editor, and I can’t legally distribute it :c)

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QuestionHow should I install fonts? Through the system or through the game folder. Thanks! Answer

Well, it depends:

  • If more than one game uses the font, you should install it via Tools->Install Global Font
  • If justĀ one game uses the font, and you’d like to be able to distribute the game with the font, use the game’s font folder
  • If you’d like it to show up in other things besides RPGHub games, install it as a system font
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QuestionHey! I recently downloaded RPGHub, and I was trying to play Misao, but only some letters of the text show up during game play? Do you have any idea why this is? I'm playing on a MacBook Pro with Mavericks. The fonts needed for the game are installed. Answer

If you haven’t already tried the fix on the FAQ, please do that. If you have, please export and submit a download link for the game to me.