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QuestionThe archive file I've got requires a password to open. Whenever I go to extract it, I'm told to use the -p option to provide a password, but I've no clue how to do so. I've tried extracting the files and adding the game via the folder like the second file in your tutorial, but that always encounters an error. Any suggestions? Answer

What kind of error do you get when importing?

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QuestionHello :) Awesome program! I've gotten just about everything working except an rpgmaker xp game quintessence, I've added it to the program fine but if I try to start it nothing happens :/ I've done nothing different to other games and they work without an issues so I'm not sure what I've done :< Answer

Try unchecking “use native version”. If that doesn’t do it, please send another ask.

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QuestionI'm trying to play The Crooked Man but when ever I try to open the game I get a window that says "Starting up... Doing initialization." and is completely black. It won't close either, I have to force quit it. This is the only game I've had problems with. Answer

Sigh, looks like another problem with importing Wolf games. I’ll see what I can do.

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QuestionWhat happened to the game list? Answer

I’ve removed it to encourage people to use RPGHub and due to legal concerns with the RTP and games. I’ll be putting games up there in the future that don’t work in RPGHub by default, and I am still taking requests for these sorts of games.

Just another issue with importing Wolf games fixed. If you had any strange crashes or freezes or such when playing a Wolf game, try re-importing with this version.

It’s here, as always~

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QuestionOk. So this happened when I tried to open LiEat III with RPGHub : the game window opened however only a black screen was displayed then a message saying Load Graphic error. Upon pressing X another message appeared saying the program Game.exe has encountered a serious problem and needed to close. I've tried to import the game several times and even turned of the gl for wolf games but nothing seems to work. Can you please help me? Answer

Is the game’s character set Japanese and are you running the latest version of RPGHub?

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Questioni've downloaded the MSGothic and MSmincho fonts but the text in lieat is still a wreck, how do you fix it? Answer

How did you install them? System-wide, via the menubar, or copying to the game’s fonts folder?

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Questionhow do i add games to rpghub? Answer

Have you watched this yet? If you have any specific questions about the process, please ask.

I should probably add annotations to that video soon.

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QuestionI unchecked the Open GL for Wolf Games thing but for some reason Alice Mare keeps getting all garbled with the text. It's the only Miwashiba game so far to have this issue and I have no idea why. Answer

Can you send me screenshots of the game? It could just be a weird font issue; try reinstalling the RTP. Also, if you could submit an exported version of the game to me, that would be helpful.

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Questionhow do you put games in rpghub? Answer

Here is a demonstration of the process. If you need more specific help then I’ll need a more specific question.